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英文原文:magic tricks 英式音标:[ m d k] [tr ks] 美式音标:[ m d k] [tr ks]


TRICKS: n. 戏法 例句与用法: 1. The magician performed some astonishing tricks. 魔术师表演了一些令人惊叹的戏法. 2. Magician often perform tricks such as pull a rabbit out of a hat. 魔术师常常变从帽子抓出兔子的戏法. 3. Manual skill and

noun 单复数的区别:This trick is the one that works very well in most cases. But I have a lot of other tricks if this one does not work.verb 的人称变化;I trick you. You trick him. He tricks me!

hoax /hks/ N-COUNT A hoax is a trick in which someone tells people a lie, for example that there is a bomb somewhere when there is not, or that a picture is genuine when it is not. 谎报 例:He denied making the hoax call but was convicted

tricks 英[trks] 美[trks] n. 把戏; 诀窍; 戏法( trick的名词复数 ); 计谋; v. 哄骗,欺骗( trick的第三人称单数 ); 打扮; [例句]He is up to his tricks again.他又在耍花招了.[其他] 原型: trick

tricks 诡计,原型是trick望采纳



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