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stuDEnt ApArtmEnt造句

The student is play ingcomputer

There was many trees all around the apartment.I sent some flowers to my mother yesterday.I like collecting stamps, so I attended a stamp collectors's club last month.

通常都是自己找房子租.student hotel就是给家长或者学生短期住的宾馆,价格比较贵,如果一开始没找到住的地方可以住这个.student apartment就是给学生租的公寓,但由于这些公寓并不是学生宿舍,只是一些私人的公寓和学校合作,给学生一定的折扣.residential colleges是在每个college里面的,你可以理解为学生宿舍,但不是统一提供,你需要向学校申请,这个价格会比上面两个都便宜,但房间有限,很难申请到.要提早申请.学生通常都是自己去外面合租townhouse或者apartment,条件好点的可以独租apartment.

He is not at his apartment right now.他现在人不在公寓里.

he is an exchange student. 他是一名交换生.

student's 这里的学生是泛指,不是说这些学生的宿舍,所以如果是students'通常是the students' accommodation另外可以用 dormitory 宿舍

.They are my students.I kept doing that with my students, as well. 他们是我的学生.2

My family is moving to a new larger apartment next week. I am living in an old small apartment now.

You are the third student to attend this lecture.你是第三个来听演讲的学生

As an observer, the student notice many little things that normal people don't usually notice.作为一个观察者,这个学生常常注意到很多一般人通常不会注意到的事情.欢迎追问~

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