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it's big. it's tidy. it's comfortable.


I have a room.It is big and beautiful.Its colour is yellow.I like toys and there are many toys in my room.It is clean,too .I like my room!

my little room is always clean and tidy. there is a big window so it's bright when it's sunny. of course there is a bed . beside the bed, there is a desk and a chair. on the desk, there is a computer and a lamp. there is a bookshelf with lots of books

My Room Welcome to my new house. There are three bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. The living room is big. There is a TV, a table, four chairs and a sofa in it. This is my bedroom. There is a bed, shelf, a table and a chair in it.

My room This is my room. It's a nice room. There is a window in the wall, and a bed next to the window. My desk is between my bookcase and my bed. There are a lot of books in the bookcase. A lamp is on the desk. There are some pictures on the

Our living room is large.There is a talbe in the midde of the room.There is a air conditioning in the living room.It is on the right. The air conditioning is white.There is a television.The television is white.It is on the cabinets.There are three sofas near the

My home is on the first floor. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. I'm a child. I have a nice bedroom. In my bedroom, there is bedroom, a closet, an air- conditioner and so on. My closet is green. My bed is blue. I love my bedroom very much

my living room is so beautiful in my mind.there are plenty of books here and there.as you can see,there must be a bed to sleepin addition, there is a table.i do my homework on the table every night.although it's small,i love indeed

That is my room , my room isn't very big. my book on the table. my shoolbag on the table. my bookcase next the table.

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