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my friend i have a good friend. she is a pretty girl. she lives in jiujiang. she is a middle school student. she has big eyes, a small mouth, a small nose and a round face. she is tall and thin. she likes watching tv and playing the basketball. on the

Sammy is my best friend. I knew her when I was in primary school.She is very warm-hearted and helps me a lot in studying, especially in mathematics.She enjoys raising pets. Her dog Luke is now seven years old. I like playing with it, too.Luckily we

my best friend :my best friend is xiao lin,he is a strong boy and he is tall,his hair is short. he always help me with my english ,he is good at english,and our english teacher often ask us to learn from he. he has mang hobbies ,and they are different from

my friend i have many friend.(我有许多朋友)but i only have a best friend(但我只有一个最好的朋友)she is not very beautiful ,but she is very kind .(她不是很漂亮,但她很善良)she always help me.(她经常帮助我)she is my friend,and my

I am so lucky to have a friend who knows me well. Her name is Lily. I get to know her when I move here and she lives next to my door. She helps me a lot in getting familiar with the new environment. Sometimes we will have argument, but she always tolerant and I am so thankful to her. I cherish our friendship so much.

My FriendsI have many friends, Chinese friends and foreign friends. Now, I want to introduce my foreign friends to you. Cherry is my best friend from Singapore, and she is a girl. She is very smart and beautiful. She likes singing, dancing and

我有许多的朋友!I have a lot of friends!他们经常和我玩.They often play with me.我们在同一所学校,同一间教室,我们经常一起学习!We are in the same school, the same classroom, we often study together!我的父母为我有这么多的好朋友而高兴!My parents I have so many good friends and happy!我也非常喜欢我的这些朋友,他们也非常喜欢我!I very love my friends, they like me very much!

My Best Friend Hello, everyone! My name is Xing Xiaoqing. You can call me Cherry. I'm in Class 0506. Li Nan is my best friend. She's thirteen years old. Her birthday is on 3rd October and she was born in Shen Zhen. She lives with her family in

my friends i have many friends, chinese friends and foreign friends. now, i want to introduce my foreign friends to you. cherry is my best friend from singapore, and she is a girl. she is very smart and beautiful. she likes singing, dancing and shopping

《My Best Friend》 My best friend My best friend is Kate. Were in the same class. She is 12 years old. She is a very beautiful girl, and always smiles. She has big eyes, a small mouth and long black hair. She always wears T-shirt and jeans. She is

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