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您好,领学网为您解答:My best friend is Lucy. We grew up together. We go to school together every day. Lucy is thin and tall. She likes playing basketball and badminton. We often play basketball after school. Lucy love to eat spicy things, but she

My Best Friend我最好的朋友My best friend is one of myclassmates. Her name isMary. Every day, we go to school together and go back home together. We often help each other and learn from each other in study.我最好的朋友是我的一个同班同学

Lisa, my best friend, is very clever and kind. Her eyes are very big. She has small nose and small mouse which is very lovely. Although she is not very tall, yet she looks very beautiful and cute. She is not only interested in playing badminton but also

I have a good friend,His name is Smith,He is a lively and cheerful person,We present a class,He is my deskmate,I am a very shy person,He is a big help to me.He is my best friend,He is a big help to me.When I was sad,Warm comfort me.When I was a success,A sincere compliment to me.So he is my good friend.

My Best Friend Hello, everyone! My name is Xing Xiaoqing. You can call me Cherry. I'm in Class 0506. Li Nan is my best friend. She's thirteen years old. Her birthday is on 3rd October and she was born in Shen Zhen. She lives with her family in

MY BEST FRIEND Everyone has his best friend .My best friend is Alice .she likes sports very much and basketball is her favorite. I like playing basketball as well .On weekends ,we often go to the stadium of our school to play basketball .I think our friendship will be better and better because we have the same hobby.

my best friendDo you have friends? sure, yes, you may answer it quickly. But, If I ask "who are your best friend", do you have anyone whose name jump into your mind? this is a test suitable

I have a lot of friends but Toshi is my best friend.He is a boy. Both of us are good at English, so we often have a chat in English in our spare time. After school, we often play football together on the playground. He runs so fast that I can not catch up

My best friend is --- He is 15 years old. We are both in the same class. He works very hard. He is never late for school and he does well in all his lessons. He is always ready to help others. My math is very poor, so he often helps me with my math after

My best friend My best friend is Mary. She lives in a tall building. She lives on the fifth floor. Everyday she takes the lift up and down. She is twelve years old. She is tall and thin. She has short black hair, two big eyes and a small mouth. She is very cute

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