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my FriEnDs英语作文50

My friend I have a good friend. His name is Mike. He was born in a small town near London. He is taller than me, and he is stronger than my another friend John. He came to China with his parents two years ago. His parents are teaching English in

Tony is my best friend. He is fourteen years old. He is very tall and strong . He likes music and sports. We often play basketball after school. He is good at math and he often helps me with my math. He is very friendly so we all like to make friends with him .共53个词.

my best friend. He is warm-hearted who is always ready to help others when they are in trouble. I wish to be a helpful friend to all my dear friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed, he encouraged me to work hard to achive my goal. In addition, he

我有许多的朋友!I have a lot of friends!他们经常和我玩.They often play with me.我们在同一所学校,同一间教室,我们经常一起学习!We are in the same school, the same classroom, we often study together!我的父母为我有这么多的好朋友而高兴!My parents I have so many good friends and happy!我也非常喜欢我的这些朋友,他们也非常喜欢我!I very love my friends, they like me very much!

My friendI have lots of friends.But my best friend only one,he name is XXX(填你的朋友名字,最好的).He always help me,l will be not the subject,he would teach me.I am sick,he has to take care of me.He was very concerned about me.He when l'm sad comfort me.He is my best friend.This is my friend.(如果你朋友时女生,就把he改成she,50字以上)望采纳,谢谢

My best Friend Li Yan,my best friend,is my classmate. She has big eyes. Her long hair is often plained.Sweet smile is often on her face,which makes her more lively.LiNan is very clever.She is good at her school subjects. She has won the school

随便介绍?那我随便了 Everyone has his friends,so do i.Jack and Alice are my best friends.We grow up together,and we go to the same school,we almost do anything together.Jack likes playing basketball,and he plays for our school teem.Alice likes

1.My friend I have a good friend. She is a pretty girl. She lives in Jiujiang. She is a middle school student. She has big eyes, a small mouth, a small nose and a round face. She is tall and thin. She likes watching TV and playing the basketball. On the

楼主,你好.以下为引用:My friend My best friend and I get along with each other quite well. But we are so different. He is funnier, more outgoing than I am and i'm more serious. He is more athletic and likes to play all kinds of sports but I am

This is my friend. His name is Tom. He has two big eyes and a small nose. He has a big mouth and two small ears. He likes eating beef, chicken, hamburger, pizza, pork and Chinese cabbage. He is good at playing football and he is good at ru This

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