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My friend is a boy.我的朋友是一个男孩 He is very tall and handsome.他很高并且很帅气 He likes singing ,dancing and lots of sport.他喜欢唱歌,跳舞和许多的运动 He has a sister and a brother.他有一个姐姐和一个哥哥 He always play football with his classmates and they always enjoy themself.他总是和他的同班同学踢足球,他们总是玩的很开心 He also is very helpful and polite.他也是非常乐于助人,礼貌的.

Lucy is my best friend.We are familiar in some ways,but we have some diferences in other ways.We both have black eyes and black hairs. She is taller than me .And she is more quiet than me.Besides,she is very serious.I am more outgoing and I am

my friend A friend in nead is a friend indeed.In the world,everyone have friend,yet? Yes,that's right.I have good friends,too. Winke Chen,who's she? She's my good friend.We're friend is six years. At grade one,I recognzie her.I was very happy.We're

英语作文 i learn a lot from my friend 初三 八十词左右I Learn A Lot from My Friend.My friend joe is a very hard-working person. He is only twenty-five years old. He studies at University of International Business and Economics.Athough he is from

my friend i have a good friend. she is a pretty girl. she lives in jiujiang. she is a middle school student. she has big eyes, a small mouth, a small nose and a round face. she is tall and thin. she likes watching tv and playing the basketball. on the

My friend called from her shirt Peng 69Park Road London, she's not tall,Cherry mouth, her 16-year-old this year, and her favorite language is English and Chinese often take part in some competitions and English writing competition, she likes

My friend and I Jiamin is my good friend. He studies at a Primary School and he is a strong athlete. He often gets the match's winner. But now he is thinner than before, I am worried about him. Sometimes he late for school, sometimes he sleeps in

最好翻译成“我和我的朋友”,符合语言习惯(中文),但在用英文表述时,一定要将My friend放在前面(除犯错误的情况下)

My friend and I Friends can be classified into two kinds,good friends and evil friends.Evil friends lead us astray and may destroy our life,while good ones drive us towards the right and make our life successful.Two of them exist in our daily life.


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