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My best friend and I get along with each other quite well. But we are so different. He is funnier, more outgoing than I am and i'm more serious. He is more athletic and likes to play all kinds of sports but I am smarter on study. My friend is wilder than

my friend and imy name is wu jie. i am a student of dongzhou middle school. i like playing basketball and singing. zhang jiong is my good friend. he wears a white t-shirt and blue jeans. he is very handsome. he likes playing football and singing. he is

I have a good friend.His name is Tom. He is a little taller than me. I am quiet , but he is more outgoing than me. So in school he is more popullor than me. I have short hair but he has longer hair than me.

I'm Mary.I have a good friend named Lou Xi. She and I are in the same class.We have a lot of the same thing. We are all the same high. She and I are all the same size. And we have a lot of different things.Her hair is longer than me.She is also more

My friend's name is ______.She is my best friend and when I need her she is always there.Once,I remember that I got a very horrible grade and I started crying,but she comforted me by giving me a hug and saying that I did my best.She is the best.

my name is ***.my best friend is ***.he is taller than i,but i am stronger than him.we often plays together.he often helps me.because he studys better then me.

不知道你要问什么,中间那个加比较级吗? 那就加一个谓语在加一个形容词的比较级不就完了吗

I like to have friends who are different from me . My best friend is Violet . Violet is very funny ,he often makes me laugh . We both short in our class . And I am a little shorter than he is . We both like sports , though he is more athletic than me . I'm

My friends and IMy best friend is Lucy. We have something in common. We are in the same class. We both have bigger eyes than the other classmates. We two are more interested in the American culture. On the other hand, we have something

I have a good friend. Her name is Betty. She a lovely girl. She is 14 years old . I'm one year older than her. Her eyes are bigger than mine. Her hair is black and long. My hair is longger than hers.

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