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my DrEAm joB英语作文

my dream job i am a fourteen-year-old boy, a middle school student in changjiang middle school. although all of us are students now, i believe every student can speak out his or her dream job in the future. my dream job is to be a doctor. i want to be

What is my dream job? I want to be a doctor. I think it's a great and interesting job. I can help many patients. It's a hard job but I don't mind it. I can find some happy in this

My dream job If I could do anything, what should I do? Everyone has his/her own answer, so do I. 、My dream job is to be a baker. And I really want to have my own bakery.I like all the sweet and beautiful things. Especially the food. In my heart, Cakes

Everybody has his dreams .And my dream is to be a doctor in the future. I think it's a great and interesting job. Because first I can help many patients. It's a hard job but I don't mind it. I can find some joy in this job. Second I think I can also help

my dream job is to be a teacher! why? let me tell you!a teacher may have many students,but many students have the same teacher,so I think teacher is very important in a person's life,I will try my best to help every students of mine,teach them as much

as for my dream job, i want to be a reporter, who will write articles to nespaper and magazines. so i have to sudy hard now and than have a chance to go to a university in beijing. besides, i also want to wok in a radio and travel all around the world. 原创啊

My dream job is to be a teacher because I think it is the greatest job in the world.Teachers teach the students the whole knowledge they own.Besides,they also educate the students how to be a good person.I hope I can become a good teacher and

My Dream Job. (原创作文,楼主,看清楚噢,嘻嘻……) Everybody has his dream job. I also have my dream job. My dream is to be a reporter when I grow up. I will write articles to newspapers. But now I'm a middle school student. So I should

Everyone has a dream.Of course,I also have a dream to be a reporter.Becoming a radio reporter might seem like a dream job for me.But I try my best to study it,I think I can succeed.I want to go to college in Beijing after high school.I'm going to write

My dream job is to be a cartoonist.I learned sketching when I was young.I like drawing a lot because I think that is another way to tell a story.Besides,although people can read stories in words,I can visualize the such stories and show everyone the

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