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Broadway musicals百老汇音乐剧网络释义1. 百老汇音乐剧例句:1.Or has she ever rented any of these broadway musicals? 她有没有租过这些百老汇音乐剧中的任何一部?2.Since then, the spectacle of hunger sparking revolutionary violence has been the stuff ofbroadway musicals rather than the real world of politics. 从那时起,由饥饿引发的革命性的暴力场面成了百老汇的音乐素材,而不是现实的世界政治.


musical 英[mju:zkl] 美[mju:zkl] adj. 悦耳的; 音乐的,用于音乐的; 喜爱[精通]音乐的; 音调优美的; n. (社交性的) 音乐会; [影视] 歌舞片; 音乐(喜)剧 = musical comedy; [例句]We have a wealth of musical talent in this region在这一地区有大量的音乐人才.[其他] 复数:musicals

专辑英文名: Sound of Musicals 歌手: Maria Arredondo别名: 玛丽亚亚瑞唐多 音乐风格: 流行 资源格式: MP3 发行时间: 2008年 地区: 挪威 语言: 英语 专辑风格:流行/古典

one指前面的different plays and musicals

Broadway musicals 百老汇音乐剧 望采纳 !!!!


澳大利亚版 In my summer holiday,I had been to Australia with my uncle Wang, This is an ancient city, and meanwhile a beautiful 'garden city', streets are orderly paved like chessboard, various buildings of both ancient and modern styles are

Titanic Titanic is a love story about Jack and Rose.They were happy to be with each other on the ship celled Titanic.On the night of April 15 1912,the Titanic had a serious accident on the way to America.Jack and Rose fell into thr sea with many

Broadway在英语中有多个意思: 1.街道名称:百老汇大街:美国纽约的一条大街,世界上最长的街道.从曼哈顿南端起向北延伸约241公里(150英里)至阿尔伯尼 2.百老汇:纽约市主要的剧院和娱乐区,位于曼哈顿市中心区的西侧,以百老汇为中心 3.形容词:大路 宽阔的公路

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