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您好,领学网为您解答:message 英 [mesd] 美 [msd] n.消息;信息;要旨;教训 v.给…发消息;给…留言第三人称单数: messages 复数: messages 现在分词: messaging 过去式: messaged 过去分词: messaged例句:I got a message you were trying to reach me 我收到一条留言,说你想跟我联系.望采纳!

Thank you! Glad to receive your congratulation. Wish you a good luck. Yours sincerely.


短信息英文是short message

message reminding;notification 手表聊天消息提醒 whatsapp alerts使用消息提醒-- Toast提醒消息 Notice

http://www.paper188.com/view-htm-tid-1504-cid-41.html 有论文的范文

voice message语音消息This is a voice message I have been told to send to you. 这是一个有人告诉我要传递给你们的语音信息.Voice message service is a point-to-point voice based service. This paper providesa solution based on intelligent

leave a message.

信息communication infoinformationcommunicationThe act of communicating; transmission.传递:传送的行为;传递The exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, or behavior.交流,沟通:交换思想、消息或

消息提醒 Message reminding

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