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kilts 苏格兰高地男子或英国苏格兰兵团士兵所穿的方格呢制短裙,是他们传统的民族服饰.现在一般只在节日或重要场合穿

dress是女性穿的【连衣裙】,kilt是(苏格兰男子穿的)短褶裙(羊毛织成长及膝盖, 为苏格兰民族服装的一部分).;或者是(妇女或儿童穿的类似上述的)短褶裙.外表看有点像小沈阳在春晚演小品穿的那条.

kilt 苏格兰短裙

who likes wearing kilts他喜欢穿苏格兰短裙

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play the music 演奏音乐 例句:1.When they come in, I'm gonna play the music. 他们进来的时候,我就播放音乐.2. Improvise: make something up as you go along ex: Jazz musicians always improvise when they play-they never follow the written music.爵士乐手常在演奏时即兴发挥,他们从不按写好的乐谱演奏.

全称是D.P Kilts(D.P基尔特),即基尔特,是一个男士服装品牌.

fly to the moon飞向月球例:Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock meet Native Americans and cowboys, Bedouin in North Africa, discover Egyptian mummies, meet Scotsmen in kilts, and even fly to the moon.丁丁、白雪和船长阿道克遇到了美洲原住民和牛仔,以及北非贝都因人,发现了埃及木乃伊,遇到了穿着方格呢短裙的苏格兰人,甚至还飞上了月球.

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kilts N-COUNT 短褶裙(苏格兰男子的传统服装,亦可为妇女、女孩穿着) 可数名词 A kilt is a skirt with a lot of vertical folds, traditionally worn by Scottish men. Kilts can also be worn by women and girls.

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