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Three years ago I failed an important exam in my life and became a student in an ordinary school.Disappointed as I felt at the shabby campus and the poorly-equipped classroom,I found the teachers patient and considerate.Besides,I enjoyed the

作文:I love flying kites very much. I always fly a kite on weekends. I go to the square with my friends. They can fly kites very well, too. We feel happy when we are flying kites.翻译:我酷爱放风筝.我总是在周末放风筝.我和朋友们去广场.他们放风筝也放得很好.我们放风筝时都感到高兴.

nature parkgreen grasses,blue lakes and beautiful mountains are waiting for you!welcome to colorful nature pare!there is a clean river.there are some colorful flowers.there is a beautiful mountain near the nature park.the air is fresh.the sky is blue.the

My favourite day is Sunday.I get up at seven o'clock and I havebreakfast at seven thirty .Then I go shopping with my mum .I have lunch at twelve o'ciock .In the afternoon I go to natur park with my family .There are mang river ,bridge and mountains in

the way i go to school Every morning i go to school by bus ,because it is convenient ,and very cheaper ,let me tell you some reasons about why i like go to school by bus,first ,it can be quickily ,you

My favorite month is July.Because the summer vacation is in July.We can swim .I like swimming.And we can eat ice-cream. I like July

where you go to schoolhow you get therehow far it is form homehow long you've been and will be at schoolwhat your daily timetable iswhat your subjects you have this yearhow many exams you take during your school life what other events and activities there are in your school year what you like most and leeast

My favourite fruit There are so many kinds of fruit.My favourite fruit are bananas and pears.They taste very nice.When I eat them.I feel so happy and cool.I always invite my friends and my parents to enjoy them with me.They make me happy.So I love

Yesterday, the weather was good, cloudless. My father and I went to the military are playing Ski Resort. We wear gloves, hats, armed to come to the ski slopes. Ski resort built on a hillside, looking ahead, the white snow everywhere. Built on the

Everyone has a importent thing.Athough it has many differences .Everybody has a same thing.It's our lives.It's my favourite thing.I had it since I was born.My father and my mother gave it to me.It was colourful and wonderful.It made me enjoy the fun of

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