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hurried clearly匆匆忙忙

1.表示按计划或安排要做的事.例如:She is to be married next month.她将于下个月结婚.2.表示“应该”,相当于should, ought to.例如:You are to report to the police.你应该报警.3.表示“必须”

1 You should not cheat at exames.2 A serial of rainy days drives me crazy.3 Many boys get indiction to net games.4 He went back hurrily to get a overcoat.5 If you do that again I will punish you.

hurried 形容词,匆忙的,仓促的 hurriedly 副词,匆忙地,仓促地worry 的形容词worried担心的 worriedly担心地

The fairy tale story in both Chinese and English composition 400 words 刺猬智斗老虎Hedgehog zhi dou tiger 有一只,刺猬杀死了一只老鼠,山猫想吃掉老鼠,刺猬不同意.There is a, a hedgehog killed a mouse, the bobcats want to eat mice, a

Whenever the servant serves steaming hot washing water of face, she feels far from good, also says softly leisurely first: "Escape --Escape --Escape --. "Wait for mother to twist a hot towel, she runs away rapidly with two feet, one pile is called and

恩,是的 PUT ON 强调动作 WEAR 强调状态

she went to work.without having breakfast this morning. “俊狼猎英”团队为您解答,祝学习进步!

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