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habit n.习惯, 习性, 癖好 脾性; 特性 举止, 行为 体质, 体格 习俗; 风尚, 惯例(表示级别或宗教级别的)服装, [古]衣服; 法衣; 骑装 毒瘾 vt.穿着, 装扮 [英古]居住在

I have many hobbies, such as reading, skating, and watching TV. But reading is my favorite hobby.我有许多爱好,譬如:读书、滑冰、看电视,读书是我最喜欢的.I like reading for three reasons.First of all, books introduce me to a new world,

habit : 侧重于自然养成的,不易去掉的个人习惯.manners : 指在某一时期或某一团体中盛行的社会礼仪或社会风俗模式.

My habits Everyone has his or her habits.such as studying habits,sleeping habits and eating habits.some are good ,but some are bad habits ,now let me tell you about my habits .I like drawing very much ,i often draw pictures ,and give it to my friends ,


My good habits People all over the world have their own habits, some are good and some are bad. Children, if you have bad habits, you'd better change them. I think you can try your best.I also have a lot of habits. Let me talk about my good habits.

my habitsI am a good students and follow a lot of good habits, for example, I eat regularly, sleep on a usual basis, sometimes I do exercises in the school gym.I love swimming, my freinds and I usually go swim together in our municipal swimming

My habit Different people have different habits, so I have many good habits.I often listen to English tapes in the morning. I think for me a great help. Writing class I have taken careful notes, and careful listening. Home to see your review notes,

Habit 加 s 是泛指任何习惯.因为不是一个具体的坏习惯,是普遍的坏习惯 we must cure a child of a bad babits.habit 就是习惯的意思

你好:habits这样读:(音标读法)英 ['hbt] 美 ['hbt](英式和美式音标读法) 麻烦的拼音如下:麻(má)烦(fan) 汉字读音,即汉字语言的发音,一般用拼音标注.拼音,是拼读音节的过程,就是按照普通话音节的构成规律,把声母、介母、韵母急速连续拼合并加上声调而成为一个音节.

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