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女孩用英语读:英 [l] 美 [rl] 发音:【果儿】或【各儿】

只有give you. give you的中文翻译_ give you 给你 双语例句 1 I can't give you anything more than just sort of a ballpark figure. 我只能给你一个大概的数字. 2 Let me give you some history, and show you how this works. 让我先讲一些相关的历史,再阐述一下这种避税手段的运作方式. 3 I'll try and give you a better picture of what the boys do. 我会试着更清楚地向你描述一下这些男孩子都干些什么.

您好,紫罗兰意大利语是 viola,发音是 维噢la 希望能对您有所帮助

英文原文:girl这个用英语怎么读 英式音标:[gl] 美式音标:[l]

您好,手机上没有搜到您的这个问题,这里就给您音标:lucky girl 英式音标:[lk] [gl] 美式音标:[lki] [l]

葡萄牙语: Ole! 英语:Come on!Go韩语: 韩语:(加油) 发音:hua i ting (Fighting) 或者:(hua i ting)-加油 读音:/huai ting/ 俄罗斯语: Udachi! 日语: 「顽张れ」(がんばれ)/ 读音: /gan ba lei/ 越南语:C lên!法语: Bon ourage(bon gu ha ri) 或者:Allez!(alei阿累)德语:Gib Gas! 读音: /gip ga:s/

I am stable, positive and responsible in work, easy-gongingStrong desire to gain knowledge and ability of self-studyfluence in English, such as basic oral and witten

你好,吉尔.这周六你有空吗?Hello, Gill. Are you free this Saturday?望采纳,谢谢

我想下个星期顺便看望一下吉尔I want to visit Jill in passing next week

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