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是美国一家专卖地毯及相关产品的连锁店.见下面提到它的句子: It floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1993 and in 1999 it bought the Carpetland and Allied Carpets stores.

你好!vacuum 是吸尘器cacuum 什么都不是=)仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

fit特指衣服大小、尺寸的合适,比如This coat does not fit me;match通常指的 是匹配,相配,比如The curtains and the carpets match perfectly;suit多指适宜,适合,使满意的意思,比如Red suits you very well

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歌曲名:So Far歌手:Inspiral Carpets专辑:Keep The Circle (B-Sides and Udder stuff)Chris Garneauso farLike the touch of my mother's hand on my headi'll miss you, too. when i go to bedwe've ruined all the new potsand the metal in the egg crate

greenbrier international inc绿蔷薇国际有限公司greenbrier英 ['rinbra] 美 ['rin,bra] n. 绿蔷薇international英 [nt'n()n()l] 美 [,nt'nnl] n. 国际组织;国际体育比赛;外国居留者;国际股票adj. 国际的;两国(或以上)国家的;超越国界的;国际关系的;世界的Inc[ik] abbr. 股份有限公司(incorporated)

歌曲名:Iron歌手:Inspiral Carpets专辑:Cool AsWithin Temptation - IronLeft in the darknessHere on your ownWoke up a memoryFeeling the painYou cannot deny itThere's nothing to sayIt's all that you need to find the wayOh Damn, the war is

歌曲名:I Want You歌手:Inspiral Carpets专辑:Devil HoppingI WANT YOUThird Eye BlindThose suckers lose themselves in the games they learn to playChildren love to sing but then their voicesSlowly fade awayPeople always take a step

歌曲名:Joe歌手:Inspiral Carpets专辑:The SinglesJoe.lrc中英对照版~埋于心头~制作歌词来源与网上09-10-2004Joe-the cranberriesThere was a time, I was so lonely (away)曾经有段日子,我如此孤独Remember the time, It was a Friday (away)

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