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you-are-pleased你是高兴的双语例句1. I am glad you are pleased with my little present. 我很高兴你对我的小礼物感到满意.来自互联网2. State you are pleased. 表示你很高兴.来自互联网3. You are pleased to scoff. 你喜欢嘲笑.来自互联网4.

beaming with joy喜洋洋;满面喜色;满脸堆笑例句筛选1.Picture Jesus calmly standing in the midst of them all, speaking with a womanwhose face is beaming with joy.想象耶稣冷静地站在这些人中,正在与一个满脸喜悦的妇人说话.2.Tonight is

family reunion dinner[英][fmili ri:ju:nin din][美][fmli rijunjn dn]年夜饭; 例句:1.The family reunion dinner is absolutely necessary. 团圆饭是必不可少的.2.Our family reunion dinner together. 我们全家在一起吃团圆


lovely baby 可爱的宝宝 例句:1."We just had a lovely baby boy," a beaming Jones told reporters outside the hospital.

Hope! Wish ah, see the Spring Festival is coming soon, think about it, I couldn't help laughing, before the Spring Festival, people all beaming, all in high spirit. Shopping came in an endless stream, some pictures, some is in in buy buy them to

romeo beckham罗密欧贝克汉姆双语例句1“ It's a boy, Romeo,” a beaming David Beckham told reporters.“是个男孩,叫罗密欧,”喜气洋洋的大卫贝克汉姆告诉记者说.

less than one 小于1


beaming is the communication of data between wireless devices using a beam of infrared light.指的就是两台无线机子的数据都是通过红外线传送的

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