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BE oBEssED with什么意思

be obsessed with 痴迷于…; 迷了心窍; 例句: 1. American girls may be obsessed with celebrity, but they are no less fascinated by themselves. 美国女孩子也许迷恋明星,但她们同时一点也没忘记欣赏自己. 2. Product managers should be

be diagosed with cancer被诊断患有癌症be diagosed with cancer被诊断患有癌症

obsessed [b'ses] 基本翻译 adj. 着迷的 网络释义 obsessed:桃色危机|鬼迷心窍|纠缠 obsessed::被困扰的:连续地占据头脑的|著迷的,一门心思的 obsessed adjective:着迷/牵挂/困扰的

等于be addictied with或be crazy about迷恋,沉迷的意思希望能够采纳O(∩_∩)O~

obessed with

又是你,by就是已经填好的介词这句好的意思是他很执着于他会死于癌症这个想法be obessed by (with) sth.对执着,对着迷

I feel heartfeltly obessed with every action of yours.heartfelt由衷的,其副词形式是heartfeltly,痴迷是be obssessed with.希望您能采纳,谢谢!


(表示伴随)与此同时, 随着

I am obsessed with you!我是多么的被你迷住了! be obsessed with : 被…困扰; 被迷住,使着迷;被缠住

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