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assure,ensure,insure与reassure这四个单词可谓是形近意似,但用法却不无区别. 一、 assure ▲assure用来表示向某人保证某事将要发生,既可以用来确证某事,也可以表示使某人确信(If you ASSURE a person of something,you promise

㈠ assure ▲assure用来表示向某人保证某事将要发生,既可以用来确证某事,也可以表示使某人确信(If you ASSURE a person of something,you promise them or tell them that).assure的宾语通常是人或人称代词,所以不能直接搭用that -

当指“保险”时,要用insure,而不用ensure; 指“保证”时,多用ensure,后加that从句.从句中可用shall或should,但常用属于现在时态的动词和属于过去时态的动词来代替shall和should.I can ensure that they shall (偶尔用will) come tomorrow.assure指“使…深信”,当指“确保”时,ensure比assure常用.

首先,三者都有“保证”的意思 assure vt. 保证;担保;使确信;弄清楚.主要是表示向某人保证某事一定会发生,为了放别人放心 ensure vt. 保证,确保;使安全,主要是表示保证发生、保证成功 guarantee n. 保证;担保;保证人;保证书;抵押品 vt. 保证;担保,主要是担保的意思

insure:指投保,为保险.An insurance company will insure your life.保险公司可为您进行人寿保险.ensure:指保证某事的结果.His help ensured that we were successful.他的帮助保证了我们的成功.但基本上可以互用 只不过insure是美国用法而ensure是英国用法.

你好!aI can ______ you that the animals are well cared for,asure c,ensure b希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

To ensure the quality and special talented students into a first-class university students

[图文] C.There is nomechanism to ensure that they make the required effort. D.Lack of classroominteraction reduces the effectiveness of instruction. 60、According to the passage, universities showgreat

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