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您的问题很简单.呵呵.百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题.原句:Stemming advisable because it can sinter and complicate later charging翻译:堵塞炮泥;因为万一炮泥烧结堵死就会使以后的装药工作很麻烦.advisable;万一;;advisable:;adj. 明智的,可取的,适当的百度知道永远给您最专业的英语翻译.

It's advisable for her to renew the passport.

secondary adj. 次要的, 二级的, 中级的, 第二的 用片段分解的方法 second 第二 ; ary形容词 词缀 合起来就是这个意思了

他让旅行社来安排去欧洲的商务旅行的一切事务是明智的(advisable) It's advisable for him to let the travel agency arrange all businesses of the business trip to Europe.

解释如下 advisable一般指(方法等)明智,可取的,着重事物.wise一般指个人明智,着重人

appropriate 英 [prprit , prpriet] 美 [proprit , propriet] adj.合适的;恰当的 v.盗用;挪用;占用;侵吞;拨(专款等) 第三人称单数: appropriates 现在分词: appropriating 过去式: appropriated 过去分词

翻译如下是很可取的it seems advisable

I heard you because of ill in hospital, I think you find a disease cause is advisable. I hope you have a lot to see the letter, and wish you to recover soon.

我补充一下第三个问题 这里主要是用了虚拟语气 在语法中,有这样一条: 在It is/was + 某些形容词 + that 从句的句型中,that从句中的谓语动词常用虚拟语气,即“should + 动词原形” 这些形容词

No sooner had the suggestion been announced at the meeting than she sttod up to protest;Nerver say something that can be capable of being misunderstood;It would be wise to handle the delicate issue;Only the first three of the dozen of waitresses have experiences to do such work.

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