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This is sb speaking.这是电话用语.还可以表达为简略形式:Sb speaking.Speaking.例如:Hello.Could I have a word with Mary? 你好!我能和玛丽通话吗?Hello!This is Mary speaking./Mary speaking/Speaking. 你好!我就是玛丽.祝你开心如意!

句型转换 并 翻译ヅ妹耵ヤ 人气 1 回答 0 提问时间 2008-04-20 08:101; It took the Smiths two hours to clean their house last Sunday. (改为同义句)The Smiths <spend > teo hours < cleaning> their house last Sunday.2; He showed great interest in

1. The number of wild animals/because of the felling2. provided/dinner and residence3. Others/which were made of 4. are of the same5. as well

1.Both she and he like books. 2The water was too dirty to drink. 3Tom is ofen heard singing in the next room. 4.depend on 5.in trouble

1 量体温(take one's temperature ) 2 代替 ( instead of/ take the place of) 3 nothing serious( 没什么大不了的) 句型转换 1 The photo looks very nice (改为感叹句)How nice the photo looks!

1.i can sing along with the song.i like it (合并句子)i like the song whichi can sing along with2.he wants to play basketball instead of playing soccer(同义句)he prefer to playing basketball ratherthan play soccer3.the girls singing in the hall are

All the people of the country are celebating the great victory.It is said that she already knows the result.

1.should---shouldn't 2.should students be allowed 3.the six-year-old child is old enough to go to primary school 4.they will watch tv instead of doing their homework 5.they stayed up till 11;30p.m lsat night 6.do you ever worry if you will not pass the

1.fatter , any other students 2.one of the best swimmers in 3.nice like 4.made me awake and I sit 5.something interesting we can see

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