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Dear Jane,How are you these days? I'm writing to you to tell you something about my daily life. I usually get up at six thirty everyday. After having breakfast, I go to school. Our school starts at seven in the morning and ends at five in the afternoon. After

Hi, My name is xxx. I am x years old. I am a girl /boy. I have a big /small eyes. I am thin/fat and tall/short. I am very helpful and lovely. I hope we can make the best friend.

Dear Tom Long time no see!Do you want to know my school life?Let me tell you my school life. I go to school from Monday to Friday.In the morning,I have four classes.At 12,I have lunch .In the afternoon ,I have two classes.Then,my classes are over . Li Ming

Tom, 你好! 给你说说我们学校吧. 这是个美丽的学府,在这里有许多花草树木的陪伴,早晨我总是沐浴着他们的清香;这是个求知的好地方,每当我遇到问题,我就会去找我的好友图书馆,那里有我想要的答案,以及我

Dear Tomlong time no see,How are you doing? I'm very glad to hearing from you, in your later you ask me to talking you what kind of person i like and my hobbies.Here i'll show you.when it comes to the person i like,i shoud say i admire my mother

Dear Jane,I am Kang Kang. I am a Grade Seven student in Haidian Middle School.Every morning I go to school at 7 am, and back home at about 5 pm. This term, we have five subjects Chinese, Mathematic

Dear Tom,It's my glad to write to you.i'm ** years old. i'm a pretty girl and i like ***(兴趣爱好,如listening music, playing volleyball, reading). my family has four members, my parents, my brother and me. i'm a student from grade**, my school is ****.

Hi,Mike I know you understand Chinese. What am I trying to say is:我放寒假的日期26号,你来中国的具体日期是什么?河南的气候冷.全家欢迎你们到家里共度春节!Cheers,LH

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