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发布会 英文

很多种说法: Apple Product Announcement New Apple Product Release Conference/Convention. Apple New Product Annoucement Conference. 像Apple这种成为惯例的发表(发布)方式,可以是:Apple Event 或每年WWDC(Worldwide Developers Conf...

New products release release 英[rɪˈli:s] 美[rɪ'li:s] vt. 释放; 发布; 发行; 放开; n. 释放,排放,解除; 释放令; 公映的新影片,发布的新闻[消息]; [例句]The u.s. embassy doesn't release historical data. 美国驻华大使馆...

press conference

New product Conference新产品发布会 Product Release Conference产品发布会 Product Announcement产品公告 Product launch产品推出

英文原文: press conference 英式音标: [pres] [ˈkɒnf(ə)r(ə)ns] 美式音标: [prɛs] [ˈkɑnfərəns]

新闻发布会[名]press briefing; news release conference;[例句]在一场尴尬的新闻发布会上,金先生回避了有关指控的问题。In an awkward press conference, Mr King parried questions on the allegations.

conference ['kɒnf(ə)r(ə)ns] n. 会议;讨论;协商;联盟;(正式)讨论会;[工会、工党用语](每年的)大会;vi. 举行或参加(系列)会议 例句:They've arranged this news conference for me.他们为我安排了本次记者招待会。

发布会流程: 英语: 1) the schedule of news conference. 2) the press agenda.

-- ladies and gentlemen Welcome to the "Miss Rose" -- the film's release conference scene -- the first time in many days, the audience the long-awaited "Miss Rose" in today and we meet formally at last. -- it is, everybody has ...

Movie conference

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